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Professional Webpage from just $250

We create a professional web page for your business and you will get results quickly. Your page will be composed of preprogrammed and proven sections that facilitate its development, although they will be tailored to your business.

Your page is designed to work together with Google and Facebook ads. We can create and configure them for your business. Your phone will start ringing with prospective clients with a reasonable budget.

Available Sections

You can choose from these sections to best describe your business or offer. Prioritize the most important information. We can build a page with any combination of these sections. Our pages lead the readers to a single conclusion of contacting you to purchase or to obtain additional information.

título y descripción

Headliner and Introduction

Your headliner is the most important section. It summarizes your offer with a single photo, title and description. This information would then be used for ads, social media and search engines to locate you. Think of it as your sales pitch. Prospects will decide to read more or to exit if they are not interested.

detalles generales

General Details

Describe in a few paragraphs the main topics of your offer. We can place a smaller image on the left or right side or your topic. These are like a summary of the product lines or service categories that you provide. Keep it simple and go for the most important points.

productos y servicios

Products or Services

This section consists of a grid with small photos or icons followed by a short title and description. This helps accentuate your specialties upfront. It can also be used to list available products or services. Prices and options could be added as well.

Sobre tu compania

About your Company

It is a general overview of the business and the main selling points to buy from you. In many instances, we include brand logos or seals of trust. Try to tell readers the reasons why you are the most appropriate place for them.

galeria de fotos

Photo Gallery

We can include a few photos that show the quality of your products or services. Try to pick a few great photos to tell a story. Too many will slow down the page performance and positioning. Your page needs to be direct. You can always supply additional photos and information once they contact you.

testimonios de clientes

Customer Testimonies

Since Amazon's arrival, people are accustomed to reading reviews before taking any action. To establish trust about your products and services you need to consider this section. Ask some of your clients to give you a testimony. You could do it by phone and write it down for them.

banderin de promocion

Call to Action or Promotions

Tell them what steps to take next. Perhaps, sweeten the offer by giving them a promotional deal. Make an offer they cannot refuse, and your phone will be on fire. They read this far, so make them call you! Don't give your products or servicies for free, but make them sweeter to try.

formas de contactarlo

Contact Information

Try to include all your contact methods. Show the phone numbers, address, business hours, Google Maps, social media links or other way you can be contacted. Prospects can send emails and we can direct them to you inbox. If you don't have one, then we will provide you one for FREE.

Overview, Terms and Conditions

We have developed an effective advertising system, but you must provide us with your basic information, logos and photos. We often collect your information in a personal interview or by phone, but the ideal way is to provide us with a document. We collate and complete your information and get to work for you.

All promotional efforts must land on your new page. Readers will know about your offer and it should try to persuade visitors to contact you. This method is effective with a moderate budget. With paid ads, readers are brought to your offer. We will help you refine the process.

This offer includes the creation of your website, domain, hosting and email during the first year. These are renewable for $100 each additional year. You don't need anything else to have your website. We will take care of including it in the main search engines.

This offer does not include advertisements, taking photos or the creation of logos. Many customers ask us for help. We can provide these aservices at our $50/hour rates. There are no contracts or monthly fees.

Some of our Web Page Designs under this Promotion

Real examples of webpages made under this promotion that are being used by customers.

La Casa del Tango
La Casa del Tango
Dr. Gustavo Fadhel
Dr. Gustavo Fadhel
Soluciones Parlamentarias
Parliamentary Procedure Course

Wondering if this works? This page is an example of our promotion. It was effective enough to get you to read our presentation. They do work. Lets do the same for your company.

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