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Your headline is the most important content on your website

The Headline is the Most Important Content on Your Website

The headline is the first opportunity to grab the attention of your prospective reader. You need to get it right to grab as many readers as possible. Just because they enter the website does not guarantee they will read it.

Headlines Display in the Google SERP

The headline is often displayed in the Google SERP or Search Engine Result Page. Google displays a list of results after performing a search. A short version of your headline displays there. Make sure you use the right markup to tag your headline correctly as the page title and description.

What is a Typical Headline

What is a typical headline

A typical headline is made of a title and a description about the page content. It should tell the visitor the details about the content they are about to read. It is the sales pitch for your webpage. You will increase the number of readers if you make your text inviting.

You can write as much as necessary in the body of your webpage. Just avoid headlines that are excessively wordy and complex. But you are going to need a version of the headline with specific rules to work as an effective Google SERP. You need a title of 50-60 characters and a description of 150-160 characters for the markup tags. Google will display what it can on the device being used for the search. Place the most important text for the reader within these limits. Google can use any exceeding text to know more about your page, but the reader will not be able to see it. Shorter versions are simply a missed opportunity to provide valuable information to readers and search engines.

Headlines Can Contain a Hero Image

Headlines can contain a hero image

The headline often includes what is known as a hero image. The hero is typically a banner image, slider, text, or similar element that is placed at the top of your content. Imagery speaks volumes about your website. Imagine this image being the hero of your introduction. Make sure it is relevant and that it helps attract readers. Try to pick an image where the reader visualizes him or herself enjoying the benefits of whatever your content is about. In reality, the picture could be anything if it helps you engage with readers. Try different images and measure the results.

Headlines Need to Display Fast

Your entire headline needs to be well-designed and should be presented as early as possible. The speed of displaying the visible portion when you first enter a webpage is important. Google uses a concept known as "block rendering resources" that measures if any other part must be loaded before the above the fold is fully displayed, in other words, if any components are blocking the first content viewed. Your headline should be displayed with no delays. Google is doing their part to make sure the reader gets the headline as soon as possible. It is one of the PageSpeed Insights that you must learn about and avoid.

In Conclusion

Conclusion about headlines

Headlines are really the most important part of your website. If you have a multi-page website, each page should have its own headline. These headlines are the first thing that can grab the attention of visitors. Your headlines, in effect, are your first real point of connection with your prospective reader. You need to get them right if you want to increase the number of visitors to your website. In fact, experienced content writers invest a significant portion of the development process testing and improving headlines to get better results.

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