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The Must-Have Content for your Website

The Must-Have Content for your Website

What content do you need to have on your website? Here we provide a list of the must-have information for your website. In other articles we will tell you more about what you should include in each section, and how you can go about creating them.

What Information Should Your Website Have?

This is a very common question a developer asks when looking to start a new website. Here we list the most important content your website should have. When it comes to content, everyone feels they need something very different. However, visitors are used to certain conventions and expect to find the basic information in a familiar way.

List of Must-Have Content

When it comes to organizing the information for your website there are some implied standard. Below we will mention the most common sections that you should consider. Some sections may not apply for your business. Consider them and only include the information that would help the visitor to make a decision.


Your headline is the most important content on your website. It is the first opportunity to grab the attention of your prospective reader. You need to get it right to grab as many as possible. Just because they enter the website does not guarantee they will read it.


Start this section with a summary of your services prior to outlining them individually. Describe the most important services only. Keep in mind that it is better to be found for a handful of services, than to risk poor performance by listing dozens of them.


Our recommendation for products is similar to services. If you choose to create the section, write sufficient details about the items you offer. You may start the section with an introductory summary. Then, tell visitors more details about each product.


Most readers like to read about the website owner. Before they can trust you, they need to know whom they are doing business with. Any visitor with a serious interest in doing business with you is interested in finding out who they are going to contact. It is even more important if they are sending you their hard-earned money at some point or if they are going to trust you as a professional. Earn their thrust by telling them basic information about you and your organization. Keep in mind that you need to write only about the things that are pertinent to your type of business. Think of details that bring peace of mind to the potential clients you seek.


The FAQ, also known as frequently ask questions, is your space to answer the most frequent questions from your visitors. This section may save you time answering those same questions on an individual basis. Stay on track about the important topics. Do not introduce off topic questions, multiple ideas confuse the search engines about your website. Use the opportunity to persuade the readers to take the next step and contact you.

Call to Action

We often include a small section with a call to action. Remind your customers that you have something important to offer but they need to take the next step. Ask them to take the next step. Remind them of the benefits. Keep it simple.


Your contact section shows potential customers all the ways they can get in touch with you. It is also important to have your phone number, physical address, maybe a map and directions, and any other information that would allow them to connect with you, like social media. The contact section is the final attempt to stay connected to your visitor.


Many websites include a few photos or even galleries of photos. They work well for displaying projects, specialties, products, brands, and more. Some websites, like those from artists or photographers, depend primarily on visual images. Graphic art and logos may also have a powerful effect. Remember: "A picture is worth a thousand words".

In Conclusion

You should create content with readers in mind. Search engines are also an important factor. You should organize your content based on the visitor's needs, reflected on the keywords searched. If you want your page to come up on searches, you should include the keywords in titles, headings, tags and text, but don’t overstuff them. Don’t forget to organize the section by the order of importance to the reader. Make your content readable and grammatically correct.

We hope that this checklist and other tips about content creation shed light and help you go in the right direction to create an effective website. Remember: Content is king. Don't sacrifice content for looks or personal preferences. At the end, it makes all the difference to have a well-ranked website. Stay tuned and come back to read more about web content development and marketing.

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