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How to write about your services to convert visitors into leads

How to Write About Your Services to Convert Visitors Into Leads

There are some important factors that affect how and what you should write if you are promoting services in your website. We will provide you with a list of many of the important things you should think about when writing the services information. Here are some important points to consider when you are promoting services in your website.

Promoting Services Presents a Different Set of Challenges

There is a great deal of overlap in writing about products and services. It is quite possible that you may need to talk about both in your website. Think of this when promoting services.

Remember that you are trying to convince prospective readers to trust you over the competition. Most people are more trusting about buying a product. They can easily return or exchange it if necessary. But, once a service is performed, it is harder to undo the transaction. The service provider has invested time and sometimes materials making the transaction a bit stickier. Trust becomes a bigger part of selling your services. Prospects must trust that you can perform the service to their satisfaction. You must convince them that you can fulfill those services as expected.

Google E-A-T present some guidelines about Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Reading about this topic will help you understand what Google uses to algorithmically establish a measure for the information on websites. You will not fully know the entire formula, but it helps to establish some basic guidelines for promoting your services more effectively. These ideas are remarkably effective for the reader as well.

Most important, you need to gain the trust of your readers before they consider you. You also need to keep Google's rules in mind to find readers for your website. But keep your information natural and drive the conversation primarily for your specific audience and their needs. You must guide them into reaching the point where they feel you can deliver the service if they take the next step.

Promoting Services

Summary of Services

If you have multiple services, you should start with an opening description. Tell the reader about the collection of services as well as you as a service provider. Work on the basic introduction prior to outlining services individually. Invite your readers to continue reading the details.

You may choose to jump into each service individually, especially if you only provide a few services. Keep in mind that the headline for the website may already have accomplished this task. You don’t have to repeat the same text if you have already done so.

Description of Each Service

Write a synopsis of each service provided. Mention the selling points and the reasons to consider you rather than your competition. Try to do your "promotional magic" instead of a Wikipedia definition of the service. They know what it is and only need a confirmation that you do provide the service.

In some cases, you may want to elaborate more about the service. You may want to mention available options or applicable details. If you have a lot to say about your services, then consider breaking them into separate pages within your website. A multi-page website may work better for you.

Keep the service information as a summary. You can always link the summary to the more informative service page. It would help to work as a navigational menu to the additional information.

Another advantage of the multi-page services website is that each service gives you the opportunity of ranking on search engines for that specific service. You can then use the summary page to promote you as a service provider. You may find additional visitors coming into your website by using both sets of keywords.

For example, we often market ourselves for Digital Marketing. We try to mention that we provide Web Design, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and other services. Expanding our website to include a page for each service gives us additional visitors. On our case, we have only developed the Web Design section since it is about 70% of our practice. But we are aware of the opportunity at our disposal.

Description of each Service

Make Your Expertise and Authoritativeness Clear

Explaining your expertise and authoritativeness in providing a service increases the users trust. Provide the sources, credits, honors, or any other details that contributes to establishing your expertise. We are looking for reasons why the visitor should trust you more than your competition.

At the individual service, you should highlight special qualifications, experience, or relevant benefits that distinguish you. Exclusive Provider, Brand Certified, and Leading Expert are some of the qualifications that will help you. The number of years providing the services, or the number of clients serviced may work here as well.

Often you can show your expertise and authority for all your services simultaneously. Some professionals may have years of preparation that uniquely qualify them to provide all the services listed. You may want to develop that information in the About page or section. Another idea to consider is to show examples of your work. A gallery, portfolio or before/after page or section works well. Visualizing your work does give you credibility.

It may be more appropriate to explain your expertise and authority in a different page or section. But we need to remind you since it is an important piece to gain the trust of your visitors. They will be willing to contact you for the services if you prove your worthiness as a provider.

Conclusion About Your Services

Less is often more when it comes to websites. You do not have to write a textbook definition about the services you can provide. Go simple; confirm that you do provide that service by mentioning a short title and description. Then mention the benefits of using you for that service and try to lead them into taking the next step. The About, Call-to-Action, and Contact information can often have their own sections after listing your services. Do not repeat excessively or you may lose your visitor prematurely.

When visitors finish reading about you and your services, they decide what to do next very quickly, whether it is read more, buy, subscribe, contact you, or make an appointment. Your goal is to lead them to take the next step.

In many cases, users need your services because they have a problem and hopefully you can provide a solution. Use your website to communicate that effectively and lead them to take the next step. It is that simple. It has proven to be remarkably effective in connecting readers to service providers. Write your information to accomplish that well.

Example: Our Service Section

Example of a Service Section

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